hello world, this is me

hi all imaginary readers.

For a long time I’ve been thinking about blogging in english… I’m blogging already in dutch, and sometimes it is a bit difficult to write in another languaga about the subjects I like to write about, but I’ll try.

So here it is, my english blog! If I find the time and inspiration I’ll write here about the subjects that interest me.  That may be theology, nature, philosophy and music, and maybe some other subjects; we’ll see…

who am I? You might call me Brambonius. I’m from belgium, a post-catholic land, but my religious background is more pentacostel/evangelical, with a interest in all other branches of Christianity, and even more… I’m born around the time when John Lennon died, and I’m married and living in the second-biggest city of this little kingdom by the sea. I like weird music, cooking with wild plants, and people…

so if my english is not perfect, forgive me.  I hope that if this blog grows we can have polite and civil conversations here…



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