Christianity should not at all be sexist…

Christianity should not at all be sexist.

Sexism goes against anything Jesus stood for!

I’ll say more: All sexism in Christianity is synchretism. It’s christianity mingled with men’s traditions. Most of them have nothing to do with the bible though they try to read the bible through their own grid and justify it with pulling texts out of context. Trying to force the woman/man roles of the first century on people from this age wouldn’t work at all. Call it what you like, but some things that go with the name ‘biblical complementarianism’ are just sexist and synchretism with some kind of american conservatie tradition. Which I as a belgian know nothing about, and which can seem as alien to me as the world of the first century, even though some people here try to copy it…

The core of biblical equality lies in Paul saying that in christ there is no greek or jew, no man or woman. These differences may be substantial in our society, they shouldn’t in our churches, for they are meaningless in the Kingdom, the transnational Kingdom of God that trancends all borders and biological differences. We are one in christ. God created the humans in his image as man and woman. all good characteristics of both sexes come from God, and He is not male, but trancending both sexes…

Women were considered second rate civilians by much people in the old days, even bij the rabinic jews of Jesus’ time. Jesus didn’t care about that. He broke all social taboos when he sat next to the samaritan woman at the well. Het let the unclean woman touch Him. Het let the sinful woman wash his feat with expensive oil and her own tears. He didn’t say to Mary to go help her sister with the work, but he affirmed her in coming to listen to her. and a woman listening to a rabbi was simply not done. Jesus treated women as equals, as human beings, as friends, and that in a society with sex segregation. Could it be any more revolutionary anti-sexist???

The same with Paul if you read him properly in the cultural context: In normal Greek and Roman literature women and slaves were never addressed, it was written for a male-only audience, and their roles are talked about by those free males. The very fact that Paul addressed women, slaves and children, who were not considered real people, in his letters was totally revolutionary and subversive. By writing to women and slaves, and by addressing them first, he was giving status to those without status and he was giving worth to the worthless. How on earth did we manage to turn that into sexism and the oppression of women???

Yes, Paul may say wives should submit to their husbands, but he also says we all should submit to each other…  (read a great article about that topic here)

We should not allow anyone to hurt our sisters in christ by putting them under some strange laws which are wrong contextualisations of bible verses taken terribly out of context. We should love our neigbor, male or female, as ourselves. And together try to follow Christ in the way He has Chosen us. I’ve seen women with a calling doing great things in the Kingdom, and you have to be an indoctrinated autistic without a heart to write that off as unbiblical… Then you should erase the deaconess Phoebe, the female aposte Junia, and the judge Debora also from your bible… Or the good housewife from proverbs 31 who is mora like a manager than anything else…

God bless ya all sisters and brothers…



2 responses to “Christianity should not at all be sexist…

  1. SearchingWisdom

    Thank you very much for this blog; it means a lot to me and makes me feel MUCH better.

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