I noticed that if you want to be hip in the post-modern cool branch of Christianity you have to be in some kind of church that ends on ‘-mergent’.

Finally, after emergent, charismergent, presbymergent, baptimergentqueermergent and Ken silva’s newly proposed adultermergent -which may be hip and cool but yet not the best idea he has ever had…- I decided the time is ripe for something new now…

I’ll call it Bram-mergent.

so hereby I declare myself to be the Bram-mergent Church. And I’m sure it will put Belgium back on the map and be the next big thing!!  There is only one condition to join: you have to be me… so if you’re not me you’ll have to stay in your own church, or find some people to meet and start something new, or just pretend to me. But that last one is kinda hard…

But you can copy this picture and put it everywhere you like…

friend of bram-mergent

friend of bram-mergent

so please pray for me… It’s so hard being the next big thing all by yourself…



One response to “Bram-mergent

  1. onnozel manneke 🙂

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