a tip for heresy hunters: The american conservative religion


The world is scary these days. For some reason we are bombing the moon (they call it science) and on the same day unexpectedly Obama get the nobel peace price. But that’s not what I mean

Some really freaky things are happening in American ‘christian’ circles. So while all heresy-hunters are for some reason busy looking at the emerging church (because they are so immersed in modernist worldviews that they cannot understand postmodernism) , something realy weird is emerging calling itself conservative christianity. Something that’s weird synchretism at best and pure heretic idolatry at worst.

Take for example this picture, which just scares the hell out of me. But Greg Boyd can explain better than me what is wrong with it. I just wonder where the native americans are, and why everybody is white (including Jesus, whose skin as a middle-eastern guy should have been a lot darker than this all-american pretty guy…) And why claim founding fathers who were all for the separation of state and church, who were deists or non-believers?

And oh, get over your stupid constitution. it’s NOT  inerrant word of God. And America isn’t the center of the world.  The world isn’t even flat, it is round you know…And the US of A isn’t  the most important culmination point in the history of mankind either.

And who can explain me why Obama shouldn’t be taken serious as a president, but when anyone opposed Bush every shouted Romans 13? Can you be consistent please? If Bush was appointed by God and no-one should have criticised him, then please honor Obama all the same.

Oh, and speaking of not just intellectual honesty and dumb amerericacentrism, but even of plain rewriting of the bible: the conservapedia conservative bible project wants to rewrite the bible and rid it of ‘liberal bias’. Liberal being everything they don’t like, including the story of Jesus and the adulteress, and Jesus’ prayer on the cross ‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.’

My advice to all heresy hunters: broaden your scope. In the conservative corner some weird idolatry is emerging that is really worth examiining. They re-write the bible, they ignore history and claim historic figures who would be totally opposed to them, and they make Jesus into a tribal idol of some American godly super-empire.  They ignore the words of Jesus and worship America and capitalism… And it’s an insult to all genuine conservative believers. God have mercy!

Isn’t this troubling?
Isn’t this scary?
Or am I a weird european that is excluded of having common sense since I’m not American and part of your blessed evil empire???

Father forgive them,
for they know not what they do



2 responses to “a tip for heresy hunters: The american conservative religion

  1. Brambonius – the stupidity of one (Conservatism) does not mean the other (Emerging) is right 😉

    It is easy to criticize Christians from another culture, in this case, very easy. I travel often to the USA and I am often confronted with this chasm created by the Atlantic. What a difference.

    But my usual feeling is in the end, that we as European Christians probably have the same massive blind spots in how we interpret the Christian faith in our context as the Americans do.

  2. I don’t say that emerging is always right, I don’t say that conservative american protestantism is wrong. (I do say I don’t believe in a conservative/liberal dichotomy though)

    I know we all (including me, or maybe especially me) have blind spots. Living in a land without a coherent church, post-catholic, with small evangelical and pentecostal churches its not easy to see how the christian faith looks in my own context. I hope there will be some christian faith in our context, for what we’ve imported from the USA; UK and holland mostly didn’t find a fertile ground here…

    But I must say, what I read from this ‘conservatives’ is just plain scary to me. To me it has crossed an invisible line. it’s doing christianity not much good i am affraid. I can’t recognise Jesus anymore in the gospel of America and capitalism, where the enemy is socialism and ‘liberals’.

    God bless them, and their enemies…



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