If America was a christian nation…

Then it’s president would act like this.

This is Brian McLaren at his best, proposing things that sound impossible and even stupid to some I guess. It’s so contrary to all we know of world politics. And yet, it’s so deeply rooted in the words of Christ. and it’s not that new, Ghandi, Mandela, ML King, Tutu,… All of these lived out these ‘politics of Jesus’.

Taking the deep christlike peace church inheritance to the white house would be a formidable idea!

This could transform our world.

If only the guy would listen…

let’s pray for that…



2 responses to “If America was a christian nation…

  1. If America (a.k.a. USA) was a christian nation, I’d have to commit apostasy. Certainly, most of americans consider themselves christian, and I shouldn’t judge them. But the very notion of “christian nation” is very troubling to me,

    saludos desde Colombia

  2. Lots of people seem to believe that America is a Christian nation, whatever that may be… So if a Christian is to love his enemies, what is a Christian nation to do? Love its enemies in Christlike love, and not ‘kill them all’…

    But whatever a Christian nation is supposed to be, it’s an oxymoron and a contradictio in terminis, I agree…



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