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no comment…


I don’t know how I came on this video… it must be part of a certain Christian subculture…

yeah she’s cute, and I’d give her a hug if I could…And it makes me less sad than Lady gaga videos…

but for some reason it always reminds me of this:

I still wonder if there are more people for whom ‘true love waits’ is a radiohead song, and not something aboout having no sex….


Bram Cools – I am the Belgian Christian lo-fi scene!

Edit: I am the Belgian christian lo-fi scene can be downloaded lossless @ bandcamp. Be sure to check out the other music too….
For those who may be interested: a new compilation (on CD-R) is available with an overview of the music I’ve been making over the years? The CD can be obtained from for me (free gift), and can also be listened to and downloaded at
For those not familiar with my music, I’m not gonna describe it in detail, that won’t work and you better just listen if you’re interested. It’s situated somewhere in the direction of indie and lo-fi, with mostly a lot of folk in it, sometimes somewhat psychedelic, or even plainly experimental… Only for the specialists maybe….As the title may insinuate, the music consists of lo-fi homerecordings, and the influence of my faith on my music cannot be denied. But don’t expect anything like CCM or Christian rock. It isn’t exactly hillsong or stryper…


1. Repetitivus primitivus
2. Father I’m tired
3. Qualities
4. [MDinterlude]
5. I’m not flirting
6. unfair competition
7. you (short version)
8. key
9. coca cola
10. cumulonimbus ex machina pt I
11. don’t kiss me
12. feelings say nothing
13. planet
14. doos vol cornflakes
15. Kyrië
16. draackendooder dansch
17. dood aan de graankorrel
18. my old name (original tape mix)
19. cumulonimbus ex machina ptv II
20. agnus dei (industrio)



Pastor Scott about the emerging Church

This is interesting. A series of five posts (part 1 2 3 –  4 5) about the emerging Church by a certain Pastor Scott, who happens to be a pastor in the nazarene church. I don’t know much about that church, but they seem to be Wesleyans, which I appreciate, I always liked John Wesley.

After all those reformed and dispensationalist watchbloggers (with whom I have not much in common) who don’t even seem to understand the thing they critique, this is a breath of fresh air! I don’t know if I would call myself ’emerging church’; I’m still active in Vineyard antwerpen, and I feel kind of post-denominational anyway, part of the Church with capital C. but I think the emerging church as a revival movement is needed in this postmodern world…