Bram Cools radio

The radio is something very cool: you can give a band name, and the program will play songs that are similar to that artist… The problem is that you now have to pay for it…

But now there is already something new. I found it when I was checking the internet for my own mp3’s: go to and you have the same option. It works through a searcher that accesses free streamable mp3’s around the internet. So now again I can freel listen to the music that sound similar to mine… In theory that is. But the first 5 songs that came out when I tried the Bram Cools radio were very good:

Bram Cools – beautitudes
danielson – smooth death
psalters – momamic
the encyclopedias – to be floating
sufjan stevens – jason

you don’t hear that kind of music on any radio… We need a radio here in Belgium playing lo-fi, poorly recorded indie, christian underground, and the likes. I will be glad to be the DJ…



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