An index of recommended blogposts

On music:

the brambonius top-25 albums of the noughties
New musical discovery: Brian McLaren
my first band

On free online music:

Bram Cools – I am the Belgian Christian lo-fi scene!
soul-junk – 1940 web EP
more free soul-junk Ep’s 1936 & 1935
happy birthday denison
the psalters


For those wondering, a spiritual autobiography…
Bram-mergent (consider becoming a friend!!)
I’m an alien

On the gospel:

Psalm 51 and atonement theories
dry inside after being soaked for centuries…

On supernaturalism:

Reclaiming supernaturalism: on evolutionary creationism and angels..
Reclaiming supernaturalism II: on my problem with christian materialism

on love, sexuality, marriage and stuff:

Avatar and the core of the christian view on marriage
love stories and broken worlds…
Post-human broken sexuality… vs the beauty in this innocence
the emerging Joneses and my anarchist marriage…

On Christian sexism:

Christianity should not at all be sexist…
Jesus against the sexism of his time: Martha and Mary

On Christians and cross-gender friendships:

On cross-gender friendships and christians…
sacred unions, sacred passions (musical prelude)
sacred unions, sacred passions I: beyond the romantic myth
Sacred unions, sacred passions II: Freud and the irresistible sex drive

[See also Dan Brennans higly recommended book ‘sacred unions, sacred passions‘]

christians and cross-gender friendships (older post)

On how Christianity is subversive in love:

A call to subversive Love!!!
a prayer from Shane Claiborne
Jesus saves, or the red pill out of Babylon?
a society built on usury
shane Claiborne in white robes….
blast from the past 2: these are the days of great distraction…
blast from the past 3: Love is the first Law!

On false teachings, misguided theology and heresy:

‘Male christianity’ vs Mother Teresa
A tip for heresy hunters: The american conservative religion
fundamentalist dispensationalism
american synchretism
the fossilisation of Christian tradition…

On various theological subjects:

postmodern origins-agnostic Creationism
Derek Webb’s controversy
blast from the past 1: work, sex, love and God…

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