Slavoj Žižek, the philosopher and cultural critic, on the collapse of society and the failure of capitalism.

See a very interesting interview with philosopher Slavoj Žižek on the English Al-Jazeera on the end of the world as we know it, the end of capitalism and democracy, and bio-genetics:

I think the subjects he’s bringing up are not te be avoided. But it’s all so hard to look those monsters in the eyes when they are ready to devour them while we deny their very existence.

what do you think?



2 responses to “Slavoj Žižek, the philosopher and cultural critic, on the collapse of society and the failure of capitalism.

  1. Thanks for posting this, Bram. Zizec is quite the challenge – I believe it’s good for anyone who engages in cultural / political criticism to have other political systems and ideals on the horizon, other than their “political preferences,” and Zizec is excellent in showing us how a Marxist can respond to contemporary problems (and terrible systemic illnesses in our society), without being what we tend to expect from a “Marxist,” and very honestly engaging in the problems inherent in some of the Marxist “sacred cows” – i.e., that a classless society can also be repressive and tyrannical.

    Without at least thinking about how other political ideals and systems could respond to given ethical questions, we are quite doomed to continue in this rather sick spiral of assumptions of late capitalism.

    Zizec and John Millbank (in many ways, like a “polar opposite” to Zizec) in dialogue – they have co-authored books and have travelled together on speaking tours. Millbank is another thinker in the “bad boy” category whose thought is incredibly stimulating for anyone willing to take the plunge in thinking outside the box regarding some of our ideological hobby horses. Unfortunately for most readers, his texts tend to be rather dense and difficult; but this also reflects the difficulty of his subject matter (and of authentic thinking “outside of the box”).

    • I don’t agree with Zizek on everything, but I like his way of thinking. We need more thinkers like him.

      And on the marxism, the few marxists I’ve met were kinda fundamentalistic about their ideology… Zizec is of quite different breed, more open to other perspectives and less bound to the blind spots of his own ideology… Maybe he’s an ’emerging comrad’, ha!

      I’m not a capitalist anymore myself (if I ever was one…) though I’ve never been marxist at all… so I feel closer to Zizec than to some American conservatives who claim to be biblical Christians but in my eyes are living antithetical to the scriptures they claim…



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