bible/qur’an and minority/majority positions of our religion

Matt Stone on glocal Christianity has quoted me on his blog as saying the following  on facebook:

I have read the entire Qur’an and can find no guidance in it on how Muslims should live as a minority in a society. I have read the entire New Testament and can find no guidance in it on how Christians should live as a majority.

Now this is not at all something I said myself, but something I quoted from an article I had just posted from Philip Yancey on Christianity today that can be found here. So these weren’t not my own words, but actually the quote is not from Philip Yancey either, but these words were told him by  a not further identified  muslim who told him this.

Which makes it a lot more interesting, in my opinion, if these are the words not of a Christian, like me or Mr. Yancey, but by a muslim.

I must say that I didn’t read the whole qor’an myself (and I guess wouldn’t understand itat all like a muslim would if I did, since I do not understand the old arabic langguage with its related concepts and paradigm) but what I know from Islam is indeed that they do not separate ‘mosque and state’ and their perspective of ‘Dar-el-Islaam’ seems to strive towards a dominant islamic society. We can also see in the history of Islam that they did take over the Arabian peninsula and the surrounding world to make them dominantly islamic, where (even if examples of the opposite and Christian domination indeed do abound) it’s much more common for Christians to just ‘infiltrate’ a culture and bring the good news, sometimes to the poorest and most downtrodden who don’t mean anything in a society. Like the garbage Christians in egypt or like Jacky Pullinger going to the dirtiets criminal city to bring the good news to the most hopeless of all…

what I did read is the NT, and some bits of the oldest church fathers, and they start from a minority position, and instead of wanting everybody to become Christians the christians of the first centuries actually made it very hard to join them.(Which changed around the time of Constantine, and the rest is history…) But that’s not how we do know Christianity from our history lessons, we do know it from the empires and Christian abuse of power, which goes straight against the words of the New testament itself, even of Christ Himself…

If a muslim is able to see this in the NT, why aren’t so much christians able to see the evident?




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