a truly orthodox view on salvation…

a little video break for the hellish discussions here…

You can’t get more orthodox than the eastern orthodox. and I found this video so beautiful I instantly thought I’d share it. I got it from Scott Morizots blog, which is definitely worth reading!!

Something in the eastern orthodox view on salvation reminds me of why I cannot not be a follower of Christ. Something unexplainable that I cannot deny and that is more try and more valuable than all of this world… I have the same with the (neo)anabaptist emphasis on the sermon of the mount, and with the Kingdom vision of both the vineyard and some voices in the emerging/missional church. And with hearing the psalters live.

Christ truly is great, and the gospel truly IS good news….



2 responses to “a truly orthodox view on salvation…

  1. Love the video and the Eastern Orthodox view on salvation!! Thanks for sharing. =)

  2. My response to Rob Bell’s book LOVE WINS can be found by scrolling down to FAQ number 24 entitled “Three Observations About Bell’s Book, Love Wins.

    Cordially, Neal Pu nt

    **edit: website removed. this is the second comment you post here to go read about your opinion on the new Rob Bell book on your website without engaging the contents of my post! If you want to say something don’t just refer to your site, except when you also tell me why it’s relevant to the discussion.

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