RIP Willie Cools juli 4th 2011

to desire hapiness, the most neglected duty

Willie Cools

Willie Cools, my grandfather and painter

Willie Cools, painter, known person from Duffel (the little town in Belgium which gave it’s name to the Dufflecoat) but above all grandfather and human passed away very suddenly and totally unexpectedly.

It’s still uncomprehensible and very strange to me and I suppose everyone else of his friends and family. We will surely miss him. He was a man who tried to really live, a freethinker of a type that’s becoming very rare, living on feelings and emotions, somsthing which is very clear for those who know his art.

one of his paintings, in the livingroom of our former appartment

For those who know him mainly as an artist. A always found that a lot of nonsense is written about his work. If the things he had to express would have been able to be expressed in that kind of expensive words, he probably would’ve done that. But they’re not and he didn’t. He only could fixate the feeling in colors and shapes, with the female bodies as a motif that’s mainly used as an exuse to express himself in those expressionist painting.

Rest in peace, we will all miss you


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