Random Links I liked lately 1

I don’t know a which frequency I’ll be able to post in this series in the future, but here’s the fist collection of articles, blog posts and other internet stuff I liked lately or at least found interesting… It’s very randomly compiled, chaotic as my mind is, and if no-one reads it it’s still a good way for me to remember those links… Subjects may vary in a lot of unexpected directions, just as in the regular blog…

So here we go:

Am I the only one who likes articles called Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!: On Disenchantment and the Demonic? It could’ve been a Sufjan Stevens song title…

I’ve been blogging recently about Mr. Driscoll and his problem with effeminate worship leaders (still don’t know what that’s supposed to be though) but something probably more troubling is his famous older statement “I cannot worship a guy I can beat up.’ . Dianna E Anderson explains in her blog post A Jesus I can beat up one of the important problems with that statement, and I don’t think you need a hardcore Anabaptist to get the idea that the point of the crucificion is that Jesus just was beaten up…

If this is true it’s really sad and it makes me angy: Monsanto’s Agent Orange Being Used to Clear Brazil’s Rainforest

Some music from a young Belgian band I liked: Lunar rays – do you know Maybe if they played more music like this on the radio, I’d listen to it once in a while…

For those interested in my radish pod curry with tree spinach, and stir-fried daylilies, let google translate do something with the post on my dutch blog with the recipes. (Which might be very funny bad English) Or just look at the photographs…

Also very interesting for those who like philosphical theology: An Open Theism Theodicy by David D. Flowers: Gregory Boyd on the Problem of Evil. I like this approach…

I used to hate this song when I was a teenager. Now I just find it very strange but slightly entertaining. There are some gabber influences, a phenomenon was something with very fast techno music and weird bald people that only did exis in the benelux mainly in the nineties.

I love this new album by the restoration project, which can be listened and bought @ bandcamp It’s a beautiful concept album based on the beautitudes. I reviewed it for cultuurshock.net, but again only for those who can read the noble dutch language…

Some false gods are really dumb and annoying, like igod, the chat-bot.

Possibly my favorite Christian female blogger Rachel Held Evans has a point with her waring ‘Beware of overcorrecting‘!

One timeless piece from the onion: Rock Fans Outraged As Bob Dylan Goes Electronica

Michael Gungor isn’t only a very interesting musician who wrote the God is not a white man song that I post on my facebookwall sometimes, but he writes very interesting blog posts too, like this one called Love and Justice about God beling love and how it connects to His justice…

The End of the Sexual Revolution, or in case you haven’t noticed, almost all of these songwriting insiders writing the soundtrack for teen femininity are middle-aged men.

That’s all for today folks

God bless


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