The music of the third eagle of the apocalypse, AKA the co-prophet of the end times.

It’s hot as hell over here. Exactly on the first day of school (september 1st) the summer finally began… Life is full of irony, and the climate has been acting weird lately.

Time for something else, like a musical interlude. Some people might know that I’m interested in outsider music and other weird stuff. My favorites are Daniel Johnston and the Shaggs, but the rise of the internet gives everybody the chance to make their art known to the world, which gives every weirdo (including me) a platform as big as the planet…

Most of those people who want their ‘5 minutes of fame’ are not that interesting… Even if you like ‘wrong music’, you know that there’s not a lot of really extraordinary stuff out there….

One of the weirdest things I know is a guy called William Tapley, also known as ‘the third eagle of the apocalypse’, or ‘the co-prophet of the endtimes’.  I think he could be considered as a ‘false teacher’, with a lot of end-times fearmongering, and a weird catholic form of pop-dispensational eschatology. He seems to have quite an audience on his youtube channel, but I suppose people just watch it because they find him a funny loser. Actually it’s a bit sad. His most famous bit of preaching tell us that you will miss the rapture if you use condoms (really!!!)

Most of his video’s are filled with his strange ‘preachings’, but from time to time he makes a music video.  And those music video’s are unique. Not because the instrumentation (a keyboard and  a drumcomputer) nor for his singing qualities (which do fit well with certain lofi and antifolk acts) but just the way he puts really scary endtime poetry to catchy cheerful tunes.  I’ve never heard or seem something quite like this….

The first song is called ‘doom and gloom’, classic stuff:

The second one, titled ‘It’s prophecied (end times anthem)’  is even better, about Obama as the leopard-king, and the frying of the Whore Babylon:

The third one, freedom is not free’, written for the American independence day,  is kinda dissapointing, unless you’re an American patriot I guess:

And the moest recent one ‘The ballad of comet Elenin’ is not as good as the old classics. Is he  going commercial and crossing over to secular conspiracy nonsense? It’s always sad to see our indie darlings go commercial, and to see our Christian acts go secular….

so, what do you people think?



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