To hell with the European Union…

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For those wondering; the  triple-dot punctuation mark in the title indicates that I primarily meant to use a second meaning of the expression: The European union is taking people to hell. And I must confess that I fought using a lot of harsher words while writing, but what good would they do?

I’ll just say this plainly: This nonsense that’s happening nowadays should end. I say that as a Christian, I say that as a human about humans beings created in the Imago dei, the image of God! I say that as someone who because of these 2 believes in a form of ‘basic humanism’ that looks at every human being as of infinite worth. Much more worth and value than big ideas, ideologies, and money.

So why am I suddenly taking this role as an indignado, and indignant one here on the blog? I wasn’t even planning on blogging about politics. (Neither did I plan yesterdays post on christianity, economics and neoliberalism btw, it just happened) The last straw for me to openly join the indignant ones, and the only appropriate reaction I see, was this story: According to BBC  news (Trigger Warning, heartbreaking article for anyone who is still remotely human, grotesque inhumanity), “Greece’s financial crisis has made some families so desperate they are giving up the most precious thing of all – their children”.

you read that right:

In the last two months Father Antonios, a young Orthodox priest who runs a youth centre for the city’s poor, has found four children on his doorstep – including a baby just days old.

Another charity was approached by a couple whose twin babies were in hospital being treated for malnutrition, because the mother herself was malnourished and unable to breastfeed.

Cases like this are shocking a country where family ties are strong, and failure to look after children is socially unacceptable – they feel to Greeks like stories from the Third World, rather than their own capital city.

And further in the article:

The Smile of a Child’s Sofia Kouhi says the biggest tragedy, in her eyes, is that those parents who ask for their kids to be taken into care may be the ones who love their children the most.

“It is very sad to see the pain in their heart that they will leave their children, but they know it is for the best, at least for this period,” she says.

If this is the outcome, then I just repeat it, now in the conventional meaning: To hell with bigger ideas like ‘the European Union’, ‘the Euro’ or even ‘the economy’ if this is what they bring us. Or just let them burn up and be annihilated if you prefer, I don’t mind, as long as they’re somewhere they can’t hurt any human being. Those ‘bigger ideas’ should be at the benefit of all of the people and otherwise we should get rid of them.

Whatever big theories are used to justify systems that lead to this, they are God-damned nonsense and poisonous bullshit. If we judge the tree by it’s fruit and not by what some otherworldly so-called ‘expert’ in a lab coat tells us we’ll see that it’s pure poison. Please let us just dump every ideology that is capable of creating this. I don’t even care what the theories behind this are. Just get rid of the junk.

We cannot just walk away from this Omelas. Especially now the child sacrificed to suffer hell for all to prosper is a whole country, and who know how many more will follow to not even give the others anything remotely like an ‘utopia’, but also most probable in the end a worse life for all common Europeans. But even one child would be utterly unacceptable!

Except for maybe some bankers and politicians who are living the dumb illusions that their loads of money could ever bring happiness. Or for those who aren’t in any danger, who live in the abstract world of their ideology and all their theories.  We must feel sorry for them, for they are to pity too… Their souls must be quite damaged too if they don’t even see the problem, and their very humanity as at stake…

Let us pray if we’re able, resist where we’re, and be there for those who need it if we encounter them. Let our lives be filled with grace and generosity.

Kýrie, eléison
Χριστέ, ἐλέησον
Kýrie, eléison

shalom, which means peace with God and people and a life of ‘enough’ to you all, especially those trampled under by the systems of Babylon!


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