A prayer

This prayer comes from Christine Sine at Godspace. It made me slow down and think and look for Gods fingerprints in all of creation, and I hope it might be inspiring to you too… I’ve been thinking about God being omnipresent and holding everything together, but I’ve not been able to express it well with words. This prayer does a better job than a blogpost would….

God may we look and see,

Each plant, each creature, each handful of dirt,

God breathed, God inspired, God created.

May we look and see the beauty,

And know that God says “It is very good”



6 responses to “A prayer

  1. Bram I appreciate your comments on my prayer – so glad that it inspired you. We are enjoying a spectacularly beautiful day hear in Seattle and the prayer just bubbled up from within me.

    • It’s not the first of your prayers that I found inspiring, but this one was the right one at the right moment I think. I hope to find the time to write more about the things your prayer reminded me of and that I’ve been learning…

  2. Each plant, each creature, includes us and the other people. Thank you.

    • surely it includes us, but if you come from a tradition where a lot of people believe God only cares about people and wants to save their souls (not even their body), and you’ve been fighting that idea fbecause it hinders a more complete understanding of God, creation and salvation, such a prayer is a very good reminder….

      Surely, humans are made in Gods image, and we should see God in every fellow human, and try to live in a way that God shines through us to other people…

      • Ah, now I see where you are coming from. Where do a lot of people think that? Such an attitude is Gnostic rather than Christian, that branch of Gnosticism which values spirit and thinks matter evil, so that God could not create it, but left that to a distant emanation. Whereas, the Christian believes that God creates matter and uses matter, and this should breed love and respect for all God’s creation.

      • I don’t say it was openly taught like that, but I grew up as a kid in a pentecostelism that was influenced much by dispensational endtimes stuff, in which God will soon destroy everything and only the souls of the faithful would get to heaven… Which is actually quite gnostic in some sense indeed, and not something I believe officially, but those things still keep creeping around in the shadows of my faith sometimes… And the protestant impulse to insist that God can mainly encountered in the bible wasn’t very healthy to my appreaciation of the real presence of God in everything He Created either…

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