(Please share!!) The case of Parwais Sangari, or how The Belgian state is just barbaric sometimes!!!

Parwais Sangari is a 20 year old boy from Afghanistan who has been here in Belgium for years. He arrived here as a refugee after enduring terrible things in which his father was murdered, and got permission to stay here because of his age (16 year). He learned our language, went to school and got a job as a welder (a job for which good craftsmen are hard to find and of which we have a shortage right now), and found a new family with some friendly Flemish people who were trying to adopt him and a girlfriend. He became perfectly adapted!

When he was threatened to be sent back, people did petitions for him and more, but our secretary of state Maggie De Block ignored them completely, even though More than 8000 signatures were brought to her in a manifestation.

Even though it’s a fact that grave mistakes have been made in his file he has been sent back without any mercy. Yesterday morning, Parwais Sangari was send back to Afghanistan by the Belgian government. He has been put on a plane and sent back to Afghanistan without having anything there. So right now he’s back in Kabul, and he has no money, no family and no passport, nothing at all. He only has political enemies trying to kill him over there, and maybe the clothes he’s wearing. He’s not just sent back but turned into a homeless person who’s in danger of being killed! This is barbaric and outrageous!!!

Some Dutch en Belgian journalists followed him and confirmed the serious problems he’s in. Now the Belgians hear the real story behind the deportations, and some of us are willing to take action, and tomorrow there will be another manifestation in Brussels.

But this story has to be heard by the whole world, to increase pressure on our secretary of state Maggie De Block, who is responsible for his deportation, and who is doing her job, on which a lot of lives depend, without taking much responsibility!If you can, find a journalist in your own country who’s willing to cover this story. We need your help! Read more about it here on the blog of Bleri Lleshi. And this is just a case that gets attention, There are much more people like this who have received this treatment, Parwais is just the tip of the horrible iceberg!!!

If there’s nothing else you can do, please pray for Parwais Sangari and all human beings in similar situations if you’re a praying human being. And try to connect to people who know more about this kind of stuff, it’s happening everywhere.

(thanks to good people Bleri Llesli, Saskia van Nieuwenhove on Fb and to Isfried and Sophie from our Belgian Catholic Worker for keeping me informed, and for being part of the action!!!)



2 responses to “(Please share!!) The case of Parwais Sangari, or how The Belgian state is just barbaric sometimes!!!

  1. it is against HUMAN RIGHTS. Belgium correct this mistake now !

  2. Thomas Sheehan

    Please correct this violation of human rights at once, and return Parwais Sangari and others like him to Belgium/

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