Some interesting things elsewhere IV

Yeah, it’s becoming almost regular now, my list of interesting things elsewhere…

Today we have a picture of an albatross to celebrate the release of my bandcamp single with that name. It has the original indie-folk versions, a trance version, a triphop version and another remix of my song ‘albatross’ and can be downloaded for free or for a chosen price if you like. so which version do you like most? ( The song might be based loosely on the dark island passage of the narnia book with the ship and all the islands…)

Btw, did you know that of 21 species of albatross recognised by scientists 19 are endangered? Long live progress I’d say…

Scot McKnight rethinks Near-death experiences (be sure to read the comments also.) A subject that I don’t have much opinion on, but I find it interesting nonethelesss….

American politics is something I don’t understand. One of the things I don’t understand is how certain ideas that are regarded ‘conservative’ can be seen as Christian. Morgan Guyton has an interesting article about how Ayn Rand and Jesus are completely uncompatible, according to a follower of Rand. I don’t know that much about Rand, but it’s seems quite evident to me that someone who hates altruism has nothing at all to do with Christ!

After my post on speaking about creation, it might be interesting to read the  opinion of your fellow-reader Eric, a scientist himself, on his blog the jawbone of an ass, with his views on genesis (read this first, and then gen 1 part 1 and part 2, genesis 2, genesis 3, genesis 4, and you can find a lot more interesting stuff over there…)

Also interesting is the last post from our Asian friend Vinoth Ramachandra, who clearly believes in evolutionary creation himself, and reviews a book from Raymond Tallis, an atheist himself, against ‘darwinitis and neuromania’, that looks quite interesting but also quite heavy… His review ends with the promising words “What a pity that so much effort has been devoted to lambasting the polemics of Dawkins and Harris, when Christians should be reading thoughtful humanists like Tallis.

Scott Morizot has (again!!) a must-read post, the third in his ‘pluralism and the christian gods’ series. Be sure to reas 1 and 2 too!

Roger Olson has an interesting article about panentheism, a word that is used in some corners of the emerging church, but that seems to have very different definitions depending on who’s using it…

And if you consider changing your religion, there’s always the terror of the Old Ones one can turn to. Read this tract and repent! (!!Do not read if you have a problem with sci-fi, horror, or religious propaganda!!) ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!! Looks like Jack Chick has some part-time job making flyers for other religions…

anything interesting that you read lately?



3 responses to “Some interesting things elsewhere IV

  1. I’m honored to make your list of interesting things!

    As a zoologist I’m also bothered by my inability to identify that albatross to species (I think it’s one of the royal albatrosses, but which one?).

  2. If you write something interesting you are at risk of being linked to…

    The picture should just be Diomedea exulans, or wandering albatross, the picture was stolen from wikipedia. We don’t have albatrosses in Europe, or the whole North Atlantic area even, and I’m not a real zoologist, so I can’t identify birds that live on the other side of the planet in remote parts of the ocean…

  3. It was the black underwing wingtips that threw me. Now that I check the books more carefully I can see them. Looks to be an immature wandering albatross, too. The upper surface of the wing has too much gray to be a mature adult.

    Albatrosses also don’t reach the eastern coastline of North America and so I have yet to see one in person.

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