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John Wimber on the love of money.

I found this quote by John Wimber, the founder of the vineyard movement of which I’m still a part, very interesting, especially in the light of all the ‘health and wealth’ preaching going on among some charismatics and pentecostal types…

“Many Christians and Christian leaders have been neutralized by the love of money and materialism. The homage paid to affluence becomes a burden that saps our energy as well as our love for God and other people. Though repentance and the cleansing of forgiveness, we can rid ourselves of this burden and begin to let God transform our value system. Like Jesus and Paul, we can learn to be content with what we have, living modestly in order that we may give liberally to the work of the kingdom and to meet the needs of others. “


More interesting quoted from Wimber on the gospel, money and social justice here on the Holy Spirit activism blog.