colored people?

The next fleshcolorvery short anecdote  from the first half of the 20th century comes from E. Stanley Jones, who was a Christian missionary in India of whom you’ll find more interesting quotes on my blog if you use the ‘search’ function.:

“I am glad to introduce to you our coloured brother”
said an American chairman in introducing an Indian to an American audience,  to which the Indian replied when he arose,
“I am very glad to talk to you colourless people.”
(E. Stanley Jones)

Western people (I suppose in line with the ideologies of the Enlightenment) seem to think that they are neutral in some way, and that everyone who’s  different is the ‘other one’. But the skin color of ‘white’ people is as much colored as that of anyone else. We are not the norm..

(I can add that our cultural perspective is not neutral in any other way either. We are as neutral as the Piraha people or the ancient Greeks…. And neither will Western secularism or humanism ever be religiously neutral…)



One response to “colored people?

  1. I’ve always hated the fact that we get split into this false dichotomy of “white people” vs “colored people” because,… well as I said, it’s a *false* dichotomy, and it does imply that I have no color. I do too.

    I love that picture, btw!

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