Bram Cools music for dummies: some essential songs

My Bram Cools music project might be on a hiatus at the moment for the live-music part, but in between a lot of other things he’s still working on making more of his music available and finally finishing some recordings. From lo-fi to experiment, and from protest-songs to weird instrumentals or raw psalms, with everything in between except for coloring in the lines of professionalism or recording something that would sell to a wide audience…

For those unfamiliar with the music of Bram Cools who get lost in all those weird names of songs, albums and EP’s on the current bandcamp site we have made a list of ‘essential’ songs, ranging from the time of crappy tapes to now. (This is not a definitive list, ask another day and you might get a complete different list…) The most of these songs are from the compilation I am the Belgian Christian lo-fi scene  which is some kind of best-of album, and the more recent electronic full-album cyberluddism

Both albums, and all other albums and songs, can be downloaded for a chosen price or for free on bandcamp. Together they would form some kind of best-of album…

the songs:

my old name:
This might not be the oldest song available here, but it surely is the oldest recording. A quiet lo-fi folk song recorded on one take on a cassette tape, probably somewhere around 2000, and the only song of that era that still gets played live regularly.

coca cola:
This one is actually from Brams teenage years, but it has never been recorded until it was re-recorded a few years ago for the ‘I am the Belgium Christian lo-fi scene’, to become almost radio-friendly…

father I am tired:
One of the fist examples of multitrack-madness, and a live favorite of the Contemporary Christian Muzak collective. It is in no way a very conventional song, but it seems to be one of the most popular Bram Cools songs nonetheless.

unfair competition:
A song about the way iin which we view women, dedicated to the late Marilyn Monroe, that used to be a live favorite. Here is the original version, an arrangement that has never been played live with some primitive guitar solos. An electronic remix of the song can be found on cyberluddism too.

Another one of those examples of multitrack  madness, resulting in baroque lo-fi indiefolk. Also a live favorite of the CCM collective, and the first Bram Cools composition that was written in 5/8.

Basically a simple indiefolk song with some weird synth thrown in, but it seems like a lot of people like this one.

doos vol cornflakes:
Yes, a song in Dutch with as title ‘box full of cereal’, with a weird half-electronic arrangement. The parallels with the ancient book of Job were not intended.

I’m not flirting:
Revisiting teenage loneliness with strange backwards drumsamples, and 2 and a half repetitive guitar chords and a broken accordion. (see also this blogpost)

praise the Lord:
In 2007 I recorded a record in one moth for the RPM challenge, based on old liturgical texts, resulting in a weird mix of styles and languages. This one is a psalm which got caught in a 5/8 avanthop kind of thing, and is probably the only time I really got to rapping.

nettle fields:
‘Cyberluddism’ was the next real full album, and a department from folky sounds, with a lot of electronics, soundscapes and a topical exploration of our technological society. Nettle fields has a dark eigthies-feel mixed with some guitarnoise in the background and a lot of postmodern confusion.

consumer’s delight:
This song from ‘cyberluddism’ is the most listened Bram Cools song on bandcamp. An aggressive noisy electronic punksong arranged with gameboy-sounds and very primitive beats.

Originally a folk song, but it appeared on ‘cyberluddism’ in a dance-mix. Later an indiefolk-version appeared together with 3 other mixes (a trance version, a slowed down triphop version and some unnamed electronic mix) on a remix-single.

the chosen one:
The most recent one in the list, some years old but finished and released in 2013 as a 2-song single together with the dark ‘byte of my byte, pixel of my pixel’. A hint of electro, classic rock and some kind of poppy electro, and the tragic tale of a failed hero.

Edit: After this song was written the 10-song EP ‘Instant pocket apocalypse’ was released including at least one song that might fit in a best-of compilation: missing all pixels

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