My blog plans for the near future…


I know I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, after the birth of my daughter in the fall, and the death of my father in Februari my life has been hectic and disordered, and I didn’t find the time nor energy to do my basic daily stuff, let alone the extras like blogging.

But now that things are stabilising I want to resume blogging, and to get back in rhytm I will not just write new posts on whatever subject comes up as interesting enough to write about, but I will also start some new series:

* A series on the incompatibility of capitalism with Christianity, of which the announcement post has been posted already accidentally yesterday instead of today Wednesday. New posts in this series will be posted on wednesdays, most likely every two weeks.

* A series about the gospel, and how it is good news for us, with guests posts that will most likely be posted on mondays every two weeks. More information about this series will follow later.

* A series about songs that have inspired me, which will be posted on Fridays.

My (ir)regular posts about different subjects will like always continue to come whenever I am inspired. Coming soon are 2 or 3 philosophical posts inspired by Ayn Rands vitriolic marginal notes on C.S. Lewis’ ‘the abolition of man‘.



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