Blog silences, incomplete computer fasts and tree spinach jungles…

Always watch out what music you listen, and even what music you’ve listened in your past! Music is quite dangerous. It never leaves you, and every song that you’ve ever listened to can come back somewhere at a later in your life, to haunt you at a random moment when you least expect it.

The song currently in my head is in Flemish, an old hit by a man named Raymond van het Groenewoud, who is world famous in Belgium (at least the dutch-speaking part), and it is probably the kind of song that could only be a hit in Flanders, a 2-chord ‘cha-cha-cha’ of which the sing-along chorus just consists of a repeated ‘pa-padapah-padapah’, a phrase that is equally meaningless in both English and Dutch. But the verse in my head ends with words that can be translated somewhat like:

oh no oh no, not with this boy
other habits I do keep
I fill my days with cactus-watering
I fill my nights with the cha-cha-cha

I am left wondering now why this particular irritating piece of music won’t get out of my head, and why anyone would sing songs about watering cactuses (is it one of Raymonds many innuendos? I’m not sure about that, it might just be his random factor…) And all of this is happening while I’m in the garden, fighting against some kind weeds-jungle.

Technically, a weed is any plant that grows where it is not wanted, and the most abundant weed here, tree spinach, is a beautiful and useful plant still, but yet the place where these specimens are growing is supposed to be a potato bed, with special blue Vitelotte and ‘corne de gaffe’ fingerling potatoes even. So the tree spinach, edible and decorative as it is, has to go, and preferably before it reaches its mature length of over 2 meter, because my poor potato plants will be smothered long before that…

I look around, and thoughts have taken over from the irritating song. I like the silence of this garden, far away from the city where it never is silent. Far away from work and from all our technology. As a teacher this is the first official day of summer vacation for me, and I do indeed need a vacation. Not just from work, maybe even from computers and technology. I need to relax, spend more time with the kids, and get to play some music again. And also finally finish some of the music I’ve been recording years ago, but that would involve that @#%µ laptop again. It seems like all my work and all my hobbies have been revolving around this stupid laptop, and only seeing a computer stresses me out at this moment and typing only stresses me out..

So I think I’m more or less taking a break from blogging (not that I’ve even been able to keep it up lately) and also from my habit of reading too much blog and endless lists of blog comments. The circus will go on without this clown. I don’t feel called to enter every controversy. Maybe I’ve got better things to do? I don’t have to follow every controversy that people on another continent are discussing about, do I?

Meanwhile I am winning the fight against the tree spinach and other weeds.  My liberated potato plants look a bit naked with everything else gone. I hope they will get a chance to grow some more though, and give me a good harvest of gastronomically interesting tubers… I look a bit further, where the Jerusalem artichoke plants are getting bigger, while in another corner some grass-like plants with broad leaves do show me that my ‘glass gem’ corn has finally started to grow too…









How much more relaxed do I feel far away from technology…

(And still I won’t let go of the @#%µ computer… On the train home I need to write out some thoughts to post on my blog, even though it takes a few days to publish it. SO I won’t stop writing, but I’m slowing down for a while nonetheless. We’ll see what happens here…)

peace to ya all


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