2014: a new year, a new beginning?

20134A new year is here… Which is not a bad thing…

The year 2013 was maybe the heaviest year of my life yet, starting with the unexpected death of my father in february, which brought me completely out of balance (while things were already quite complicated) Most of both my struggle and my recovery are in real life, so it might not have been that evident om my blog…

So it’s time to recover, to recontstruct some things from the ashes, to find new ways, and to shed some things that take more energy than I have. I will try to do the same with my blog and other writings, and even with my music if the time is ever right. I will also take my gardening more serious, and maybe take up drawing again. (?) And I need to find better ways to structure my life, but that has nothing to do with my blog…

So I will try to do new things in the new year, and leave behind some older things. I might also have to find out my own strenths and weaknesses more, and learn how to live with them…

Faith-wise I will try to get rooted again, and to widen my scope. But above all I will go on to learn what it means to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and my neigbor as myself. I’ve been trying to grow in that for years and I still feel like I’m nowhere. Really…

I also need to learn to pray more, to be with God in silence, to listen to God. And I need to find more rest from the world and from my own train of thought ADD-tendencies. This might mean I will have to find some discipline about what I do give the chance to influence me.

Maybe it sounds a bit racist, but I also feel it’s time to limit my American influence more, especially when it comes to my faith, and broaden my scope… oo. What I will stay away from is things that are too modern, especially if it identifies explicitly as liberal or fundamentalist or progressive in the American sense of those words. I don’t have anything with American fundamentalism, and I have even less with the photonegative version of it, no matter if it’s called ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal’ christianity, or ‘new atheism’. Those things take away energy and concentration and it’s hardly ever worth it.

Yes, there’s a whole world inside I need to get to know more, and a world outside too… I need to get closer to God to be rooted more in this life, but I also need to learn from the Christian tradition, and maybe learn more about other religions too.

What I want to learn most is to see all humans as made in Gods image, and to learn more to see Gods image in all of them, no matter how different from me or no matter how wrong. I also want to be able to see the real enemies, things that turn us humans into each others enemies and that make us destroy the planet and live far away from the Source of All Life.

What about you people reading this? Any plans for 2014



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