Short thoughts about magic, the occult and modern science

The a-bomb is more explosao-atomica-nagasakisatanic & dark than most occult things.

Science and technology are not safer because they ‘are inside the laws of nature’. The laws of nature are just a line of what can be measured with instruments and falls in the ‘material’ side of creation. There is nothing about the modern sciences, and them being applied in technology that makes them more ‘biblical’ than alchemy or chakra theory for example… (The word ‘pharmakeia’ used for whitchcraft in the NT, which also is the root of our word ‘pharmaceutical’ would suggest something opposite even!)
Putting the current scientific consensus on the same level as biblical revelation is a form I’d expect from very liberal Christians, but those generally don’t even believe in anything outside of the laws of nature. It’s fundamentalists who do this kind of synchretism, unknowing, because it’s inherent in their definition of ‘the occult’, a modern word that doesn’t come from the bible at all actually…

Some Christian really seem to be afraid of everything that’s outside of the modern laws of nature and put all such things in the weird category of ‘the occult’, but it’s very plain to see that technology is much more dangerous than magic in a world where people don’t believe in magic. And like what some scifi-writer once wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. I don’t believe that the line of ‘the laws of nature’ is more than a barrier of what certain tools can measure and what not…

(There are things beyond that line that are also part of ‘nature’, so maybe the word ‘paraphysical’ would be more accurate than ‘supernatural’ in a lot of cases.)

I wrote a post earlier about how I do see science and technology as related to magic, both can be seen as twins even in a way, and the shared goal is what makes them both suspect: to have control over nature, and other humans. It’s not less evil if science and technology is abused for that than if it’s done by magic…

And the snake said ‘you shall be like God himself’…



4 responses to “Short thoughts about magic, the occult and modern science

  1. All things come from nature and obey the laws of nature. occult means “hidden” which is another way of saying the hidden aspec of nature.

  2. Hi, I’ve never had a Satanist commenting before, but I do value input from every tradition as long as it stays respectful. Note that I write for a Christian (post-evangelical?) audience, and that I did use the word ‘satanic’ in a Christian way (referring to what someone influenced by pure evil would do). I do know Laveyan Satanists would not use the word in such a way, but I stick to the meaning words have for my audience.

    As a Christian I do disagree in that I believe that nature and everything are created by the Uncreated Creator, although there’s not much things that exist that do not have something earlier ‘in nature’ they come from.
    I agree with the last part of your sentence though, that’s more or less one of the things I wanted to communicated.
    I suppose that you like me have another definition of ‘nature’ and ‘the laws of nature’ as a naturalist scientist would. Everything in nature does follow certain laws, but those are not identical to what we call the ‘laws of nature’, and neither are they restricted to them.

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