In the CD-player: Suggs – the lone ranger (1995)

Welcome to a new feature called ‘In the CD-player’ where I describe an album in my collection.

(Yes, I like CD’s, and LP’s more than streaming services. I think owning a record is important and I don’t trust streaming services to have important music available to me.)

Today’s CD is ‘the lone ranger’ by Suggs, A CD I once found in a CD sale, and one that improved over the years for me. It’s the first solo album of the singer of the English ska-pop band madness, which had a lot of hits in the UK in the eighties (a bit less in Belgium but still enough, and only one in the Us, the rather atypical ‘our house’).

I found this album rather over-produced at the time, but over the years it has become one of those background albums for the summer. Ska-pop and funky Reggae/dub songs are interlayered with some more poppy slows. Half the album was produced by the legendary Jamaican rhytm section Sly and Robbie, which is a high quality of standard in the genre (much more than madness even I dare to say ).

Overall it is a good pop album. The songwriting is not bad, and the arrangements are interesting (although a bit overproduced, like happened in the early nineties), and it’s a pity that the musicians are not credited anywhere in the booklet. Some will probably find the 2 covers horrible (‘I’m only waiting’ by the beatles and ‘Cecilia’ by Simon and Garfunkl) but they certainly have their charm, especially the first one.

Favourite songs are the bealtes cover ‘I’m only sleeping’, the celebration of the multicultural London neighbourhood in ‘Camden Town’, and ‘4 AM’ which was later re-recorded by madness.

Goes well together with white port with too much ice cubes and olives with feta.

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