New Bram Cools song: Nothing without Love (and more Bram Cools music news)

Hello friends and enemies!

Here is the new Bram Cools music update, with a new song, plus some experimental live videos from earlier this year.

2021 was not really a very productive year for new music here. After the release of last years Pandemic Lockdown Blues I didn’t really write much songs or record much music.

What I did do was looking for affordable ways to go for a fuller sound live without a band, so that the sevenhundred tracks that I record for a studioversion become more than just one guitar on stage. What I don’t plan to do is using a laptop, so I’ve been toying with a loopstation, pocket operators, and a Liven XFM programmable synth and stuff like that to create a new sound.

This summer saw some new videos of mostly older songs in very new versions on my experimental youtube channel as some first trials under the name of the ‘messy desk session’.

Last words to the first Church (Messy desk session)

enos Noches jam (live on PO-33)

I’m not flirting (Live acou
stic messy desk session)

Pieces (live messy desk session)

MDInterlude impro 1 (live bedroom loopstation jam)

The interesting thing is that some of these are from my old cassete tape era almost 20 years ago, and have never been played live before.

And now there is a new song on soundcloud: Nothing Without Love

It’s a standalone song that contains the first use of Pocket Operators in the studio (second half of the song,the whistle sample solo on the PO33 and the distorted beat on the PO12), in a simple lo-fi indierock style with some electronica seeping in.

It’s a simple song based on the Christian Scriptures (see 1 Cor 13:1-3), and an important reminder that Love is indeed the most important thing in every aspect of our life, even in religion. No matter what we do and believe and try and identify as, it won’t do anyone good if not without love. I feel it’s something that’s of extreme importance that is often missed.


If I can speak all human languages
and understand every spoken word
and even use the tongues of angels
that are hidden from our kind
even then it all means nothing
if I don’t have love
it’s just an empty noise like a clashing cymbal

if I am a gifted prophet
have all knowledge know all secrets
If I have the perfect doctrines
and a faith that can move mountain
even then I am still nothing
if I don’t have love
it’s all nothing without love nothing without love

If I sell everything I have
and give it to the poor
even give my own body to be burned
so I can boast
even then I will gain nothing
if I don’t have love
it’s all nothing without love  nothing without love

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to check out my bandcamp store, follow the youtube feed or listen to the soundcloud collection .

Peace and Love


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