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Resurrecting the dead on twitter to preach generic Marxism???

I’m not a very good twitterer: I generally win followers when I don’t tweet anything to lose followers when I start tweeting again, but I find twitter interesting still.  Sometimes I follow people on Twitter I do know, sometimes I follow people I know because they are famous, sometimes I do follow people because they have been retweeted by someone and seem interesting, and so on… From time to time I come across a twitter feed from a dead or non-existent person, and mostly that means that they give quotes from that person (like C.S. Lewis), or a parody account (like Lord Voldemort)

I have no problems with that, I like the quotes from older people who didn’t live long enough to be able to start a twitter account, and I even do enjoy good parodies. No problems at all here. But from time to time something else seems to be going on. And I think there might even be a sinister plot at work here that aims to overtake the world, or something like that…

 At a certain moment I followed a ‘John Lennon’ feed, and after a while it became clear that whatever that feed was tweeting, it was NOT from our friend John Lennon. Not that I don’t expect John Lennon to be a bit preachy from time to time, and I do know that he was full of talk about revolution and stuff like that, but all this talk about revolution and workers and capitalism began to sound fishy. And then I realized that a Martin Luther King feed that I recently began following did tweet exactly the same kind of generic vague Marxist babble, as well as the Sigmund Freud feed. And funny enough there seemed to be other feeds, sometimes retweeted by those dead heroes reincarnated as rather boring leftist preachers, that did the same pattern, a lot of them even. I then cleaned up my list and unfollowed most of those weirdos, keeping some so I could have a laugh from time to time…

 Now, it seems John Lennon has gone from Twitter in his fake marxist reincarnation, but the Twitterverse is still full of fake twitter feeds of dead people all spouting the same weird anticapitalist calls for revolution. From Picasso to St. Francis, Luther and even John Paul II, and from Malcolm X to Che Guevara and Nietzsche and Camus. (And even Lenin seems to be hi-jacked and not very authentic…) If you look at the feed of the protest movement, wich seems to be a central retweeting service here, you find lots and lots of them. And if that’s not enough there are a lot of thematic twitter feeds too, from ‘how to get fired‘ to ‘dear porn-addicts‘ and even the sligprotesthtly troubling ‘How to spot traitors‘.

Yes, that last one does exist too… Makes one think the spider behind this web of leftist zombie-tweeps might not be very friendly at all, doesn’t it?Yes, it makes one wonder who or what is behind all of this playing for Dr. Frankenstein in reviving the dead to make preaching e-zombies out of them, and what excatly their motives and goals are, and so on.

 Yes, sometimes they can be funny, and that might be why I sometimes retweet them, but it’s actually quite troubling too, and most of all completely disrespectful of the dead. Let the dead be who they were, and don’t twist their message into your preachy political message. I do want a Sigmund Freud feed on Twitter to quote Freud, not spout generic marxist preaching that gets quite boring after a while. Whether or not I would agree with quotes from Nietzsche or Camus or John Paul II does not matter, one does not abuse dead people to preach a message they did not preach (and most surely did not approve of…)

 (Not to say that if anyone actually would believe any of these feeds to be genuine, he would be gravely deceived!!!!)

 Anyone else who knows more about this phenomenon, please inform me…

Long live the revolution that destroys the systems of evil and restores the humanity of everyone, both oppressed an oppressor!



 PS: Yes, as a Christian, I am quite critical of capitalism, and I hope to be able to resume my capitalism series soon. I also am opposed to violence, lies and deception.


So I guess I’m back

I think my blog silence is over for now.  I’ve been busy with work, studies, family and my incapability to organise myself, but I am a person who can not not write…

So I’ll try to blog again on a regular base, and share my thoughts and findings in my own stumbling towards God, and my clumsily babysteps in being a follower of jesus, or at least die trying… It might be more random than it used to be, and I will probably do more short posts, based on quotes and stuff… But I’ll try to maintain a more regular blogging rhytm.

And even if I don’t succeed, love and peace to ya all… there are worst things in life than an unupdated blog somewhere in a corner of the internet…



Mammoths, speed-evolution, and the Ark of Noah…

Let me start by saying that I don’t have any problem with Christians believing in either 6-day-creation or evolutionary creation, even though I might have a problem with making ‘isms’ out of this kind of ideas. My own position is that the Creation of the world is bigger than what we can investigate scientifically, and that we’ll never know all of the story, no matter how long we dig and measure and theorise, since the visible is not made out of what we can percieve, to paraphrase the letter to the Hebrews. That said I do tend to be convinced by an older earth, and by the general idea of evolution, but the most important thing is to acknowlegde that God is the creator… In the end all our theories about how He did create the world are probably cute and funny to Him, but not really to the point…

A problem can exist when people do have to believe a certain position on this subject to not be dismissed as either a false or at least compromising Christian (with the fundamentalist side) or a dumb idiot that cannot be taken seriously (the liberal side), and I see both of these on the internet all the time… Indeed, the problem is that there is a form of 6-days-creationism that runs rampant on the internet, which isn’t only rigily exclusive (all other views are heretical and make the bible worthless!) as scientifically completely nonsense for people who have done more studies than a simple secondary school curriculum… So people encountering this view might dismiss christianity completely, and I would do the same if let’s say Ken Ham or Doctor Dino would be able to prove me that his view was the right Christianity. I would just not at all be interested in Christianity… And it would have nothing to do with Christ… (Christ Himself should be the reason to accept or reject Christianity. All in Christianity should lead towards Him)

I once had an online discussion with a guy who was a strong believer in a very rigid form of 6-day-creationism. Unlike the view I had a teenager, which believed in an earth of at least 12.000 years, he believed in an earth of approximately 6.000 years. And he surely would have seen my former creationism model as compromised and not biblical, even though it was much more scientifically convincing, let alone more coherent. Which his model wasn’t if we went into details.

One funny discussion we had was about mammoths. As everybody knows, the Woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenus) is a hairy elephant which roamed most of the northern hemisphere, and of which a lot of fossils (and even intact frozen specimens) have been found. But somehow the species dissapeared, and now we don’t have any of those hanging around anymore…

In his view the earth had to be completely repopulated with animals and humans after the great flood, some 4000 years ago. And all the mammoths are too recent to be from before the flood, so they are from after the flood.

Especially because, according to a view that some call baraminology, all elephants come from one pair of proto-elephants on the ark. Including the woolly mammoth. Noah did not have much place to put more pairs of elephantids on the ark anyway, and anyway mammoths are actually closer related to the Indian elephant than the 2 living species of African elephants are… (if one can believe phylogenetics, a field of science that is not epmloyed much in the strict creationist camp)

In his time table, the ‘ice age’ was shortly after the flood. And the mammoths were wiped away by the ice age…

Now there are 2 problems:

first there is the problem that it takes a lot of time to fill the Northern hemisphere with mammoths. Elephants are slow breeding animals. To think that they would fill 3 continents in a few hundreds of years, and then all die out because of a climate change is quite extra-ordinary in my view.  Anyone who knows about population statistics will agree with me…

The second problem is the problem of micro/macro-evolution. According to baraminology God created the animals all ‘after its kind’, which later ‘evolved’ into a broader group of species. So a doglike animal would be the forefather of all dogs, wolves and jackals (and foxes?), just like the proto-horse would be the forefather of all of the Equus genus: horses, asses, zebra’s and probly the now-extinct 3-toed fossil specied too… Likewise all elephants are considered to be of one baramin. (the word itself is bad use of Hebrew) So the proto-elephant pair that came from the ark must have evolved really fast in Indian and African elephants, and our Woolly mammoths… So this kind of ‘micro-evolution’ must have gone really really fast just after the flood…

In the end the one pair of proto-elephants from the ark had to evolve really fast in the different species, of which the mammoths had to spread to almost everywhere on the northern hemisphere… And they had to fill those 3 continents, just to die out, and all of that in a few hundreds of years…

I have no idea how he’d explain the numerous exctinct elephantids that are known to man. Except with a theory that ‘micro’evolution happened very fast before and just after the flood, but for some reason slowed down a lot after that… And then the whole theorie sometimes seems to hang on the impossibility of macro-evolution…

All I can say is that I’m glad that my faith does not depend on this kind of weird theories…



The music of the third eagle of the apocalypse, AKA the co-prophet of the end times.

It’s hot as hell over here. Exactly on the first day of school (september 1st) the summer finally began… Life is full of irony, and the climate has been acting weird lately.

Time for something else, like a musical interlude. Some people might know that I’m interested in outsider music and other weird stuff. My favorites are Daniel Johnston and the Shaggs, but the rise of the internet gives everybody the chance to make their art known to the world, which gives every weirdo (including me) a platform as big as the planet…

Most of those people who want their ‘5 minutes of fame’ are not that interesting… Even if you like ‘wrong music’, you know that there’s not a lot of really extraordinary stuff out there….

One of the weirdest things I know is a guy called William Tapley, also known as ‘the third eagle of the apocalypse’, or ‘the co-prophet of the endtimes’.  I think he could be considered as a ‘false teacher’, with a lot of end-times fearmongering, and a weird catholic form of pop-dispensational eschatology. He seems to have quite an audience on his youtube channel, but I suppose people just watch it because they find him a funny loser. Actually it’s a bit sad. His most famous bit of preaching tell us that you will miss the rapture if you use condoms (really!!!)

Most of his video’s are filled with his strange ‘preachings’, but from time to time he makes a music video.  And those music video’s are unique. Not because the instrumentation (a keyboard and  a drumcomputer) nor for his singing qualities (which do fit well with certain lofi and antifolk acts) but just the way he puts really scary endtime poetry to catchy cheerful tunes.  I’ve never heard or seem something quite like this….

The first song is called ‘doom and gloom’, classic stuff:

The second one, titled ‘It’s prophecied (end times anthem)’  is even better, about Obama as the leopard-king, and the frying of the Whore Babylon:

The third one, freedom is not free’, written for the American independence day,  is kinda dissapointing, unless you’re an American patriot I guess:

And the moest recent one ‘The ballad of comet Elenin’ is not as good as the old classics. Is he  going commercial and crossing over to secular conspiracy nonsense? It’s always sad to see our indie darlings go commercial, and to see our Christian acts go secular….

so, what do you people think?



cD klaT: suseJ kaerF

When I posted this video on facebook, with a christian rock classic played backwards, several people liked it much better than the original song:

I must say, you get a totally brandnew song in this way, a very interesting composition even, and a cool atmosphere and it sounds like if it’s been sung in  a mixture of swedish and japanese.

I didn’t find any satanic messages though, so it’s no real rock’n roll!!!



(and to those who don’t know the song Jesus Freak by DC Talk, if you really want to know how it sounds it’s also somewhere on youtube…)