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“Father I feel”, or cyndi McCoy playing “Father I’m tired”

When you make songs you also create the possibility for people to play them themselves and do their own thing with it. This is a beautiful rendition of “Father I’m tired” by Cyndi McCoy:



Bram Cools Classic song: Father I’m tired

And now for something completely different, one of my own songs. Someone told me today that she likes the song, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. Like most of my songs it’s weird, and this one could be described as a lo-fi psalm with noise orchestra and a choir of clones of myself (long live multitrack!)…

Yes I know it’s not a ‘real’ video, and I also know I’ll never get rich and popular making this kind of music, but I do like it myself, and I play it for the few people who so like it… And this is one of the songs that some people find really good (which surprises me), while others hate it (which doesn’t. Those people of the second category can just listen to something else [no, you won’t be rickrolled by clicking, but it might be worse] and skip this post and everything about my music, or just read teh lyrics and pray them or sing them to gregorian melodies or the tune of the latest Matt Redman hit…

Father I’m tired (Bram Cools)

Father I am tired (Father I am tired)
Father l feel empty (Father I feel empty)
Father I feel lost (Father I feel lost)
help me to focus on you (help me to focus)
help me to focus on you (help me to focus)
help me to focus on you (help me to focus)

I’ve been distracted
the emptiness calls to me
I’ve fallen asleep
in the centre of Babylon

fill me up with your spirit
fill me up with your love
fill me up with your life

unconditional love
compared to this love
this whole world is so small
i t could dissolve in a cup of coffee
how can l be distracted
how can I be distracted
how can I be distracted

(This song is on the ‘I am the Belgian Christian lo-fi scene‘ best of compilation, which can be downloaded @ Bandcamp, for free if you like!)