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Bram Cools Music: ‘Father I am tired’ + more contemporary Christian Muzak to come…

Hi readers,Mangocoffeesepia

Probably not everyone reading my blog is aware that I am also one of the most unknown musicians on the planet, but for those interested in my music, here is an update.

The Bram Cools classic ‘Father I am tired’, can now be heard and downloaded in a previously unheard version here  on my soundclcoud. Or click on the coffee if you like.
(Yes, for those who wonder: all instruments and vocals -including the choir!- are just Bram in this one!)

The rest of the news is that this upload of ‘Father I am tired’ can be also seen as the first ‘single’ announcing a coming electronic release of the old ‘Contemporary Christian Muzak’ songs, finally together on one album! This should have happened 5 years ago, but still it’s better soon than never.

For the uninitiated: Years ago now I had a band called the Contemporary Christian Muzak collective (or CCMC). We tried to play some kind of experimental Christian music that did both connect to the Creator and make some interesting sounds that haven’t been used 100 times before already. Most of it was not exactly elevator music for a boring Christian radio station providing safe happy clappy Christioa music for the conservative middleclass as the name might suggest, but raither some kind of rough folky indierock, mixed with very weird free-from noise and experimental impro-parts as well from time to time…

We only did a few concerts throughout the years but we did have a lot of fun, and I really miss those days! But time passes and things change, and the bandmembers had families and other bands and other stuff going on, so it all sort of fell apart. Unfortunately We never did any studio-recordings as a band, and no real CD-worthy live recordings have been made either. So all that’s left is my own home-recorded multitrack-versions with mostly myself on a lot of instruments, some of which were never finished. Finishing them is what we’re going to do now, so that in the near future everybody can listen to Contemporary Christian Muzak as much as they want…

I hope you all enjoy the song and share it with others who might like it.



2 new Bram Cools songs

I haven’t been playing music for ages it seems, which has something to do with a small baby and stuff like that. But listening to old recordings I decided it is time to finish a lot of almost-finished and half-finished songs before making new ones… Which led to the bandcamp release of 2 songs I’ve been working on since forever… They’re not my usual style (if such a thing exists) so I just bundled them into a two-song single.

The first song is some dark metal-without-the-metal thingy about the way in wich images of women are used in our digital country. The second one is an electronic rock tune about a failed postmodern savior. At one moment I thought about including those 2 songs in my cyberluddism album, but they didn’t fit…

Both songs can be listened and downloaded here on my bandcamp.


byte of my byte, pixel of my pixel

softly spoken to my eyes
images of naked flesh they tell intimate lies
how could I want her if she’s not mine
how could I want her If she doesn’t even exist
how could I want her

and this game will always go on
in this world Venus is just a slave of Mammon
how do I fight against those evil gods
oh lust in the eye only also is adultery yes it is

softly spoken these intimate lies
could I just not turn away my eyes
why should I look at her if she’s not mine
why should I look at her if she doesn’t even exist
why should I look

and this game will always go on
in this world Venus is just a slave of Mammon
how do I fight against those evil gods
oh lust in the eye only also is adultery it is
oh beautiful re-creation oh sweet deception
byte of my byte and pixel of my pixel

The chosen one

Am I the chosen one
who’s gonna save the world
am I the chosen one
from the ancient prophecy
they all told me that I was the one
they all believe will deliver
they all see something that I’m not
And I’m here face to face with evil

I’m just a pointless stupid postmodern guy
on opium for the people I’ve always been so high
distraction much more pointless than the most deformed religion
I’ve wasted my whole life and now I’m ready for nothing
the great nothing

I’m not chosen one
that was gonna save the world
I was not the chosen one
from their stupid prophecy
they still think  that I was the one to save them from evil
they still believe that I will deliver the way their fairy tales told them
but here I’m being  torn into pieces
it wasn’t me they needed to fight this evil

I was just a pointless stupid postmodern idiot
I didn’t learn a thing, I cannot use their stupid magical sword
and now the world must end, and evil will take over forever
I’ve wasted the world  I wasn’t ready for nothing

should I’ve been the chosen one
that could’ve saved the world



Musical interlude: Step into the madness (Larry Norman)

I was listening to the grandfather of christian rock lately, and I found this song about his homeland quite scary, and parts of it might be as relevant as they were when the song was released in 1991…

I must say that I do disagree with a lot of Larry’s theology, and that some of his ideas can be quite weird from time to time, but on other moments he can be incredible spot on, like in this song…

Step into the madness of a million city streets
Where dealers sell white powder and children stand and bleed
Where local gangs are vicious and cops are so impure
That schoolboys carry Uzis so they’ll feel secure.

Where fathers rape their daughters and beat up on their sons
Until the mother tries to stop him and goes and buys a gun
Where the local church is closed except a couple times a week
And turns its face from all the homeless in the street.

This is America, land of the free
Everyone gets justice and liberty, if you got the money.

Bankers and controllers make deals on foreign shores
And the CIA ships heroin to finance their secret wars
They sell the madmen weapons then send soldiers to their land
And in the name of God we battle for all the oil under the sand.

This is America, land of the free
Everyone gets justice and liberty, if you got the money.

Step into the madness as a thousand points of light
Illuminate the warheads for the final fight.
Step into the madness, say your prayers and drink your tea
Get ready for a kinder, gentler world war three.

This is America, land of the free
Everyone gets justice and liberty, if you got the money.

‘Sketches for a liturgy’ available again!

And now some news from the Bram Cools music front. For those who don’t know, I do make music, but not everyone is going to like it since it’s a bit rough and weird sometimes… (Listen to an older compilation called ‘I am the Belgian Christian lo-fi scene’ for example to get an idea…)

Years ago, in 2007, I took the RPM challenge, and recorded an album in a month (februari even, the shortest)! It don’t think it’ll ever reach the top-40 though (none of my music ever will I’m afraid…) since it was a weird, raw, lo-fi and not very professional concept album loosely based on the classical liturgies. It had all kind of weird musical styles, and was sung in a lot of different languages (Dutch, English, Latin, Greek, 2 words of Hebrew and one word of French) There was an electronic repetitive Kyrië, an avant-hop psalm of praise (in 5/8 meter), a lo-fi folk self-written creed, etc…

I made some home-‘pressed’ CD-R’s’ at the time, but they have been ‘out of print’ since forever, and the music has been unavailable for quite some years now… I never even dared to listen to it because I was afraid that I’d hate it for being rcorded too hastily, and since I lost the tracks in a computer crash, I’d never been able to rework them again either.

Listening again years later I don’t find it that bad, so I decided to make it available again, with some songs slightly remastered.

And the re-release is… Tararara…


From now on it can be downloaded via the ‘Gloria in Te Domine‘ bandcamp site, where I want to share my more ‘religious’-minded music (like worship, praise, gospel, meditative and liturgical stuff, if I’d ever be able to play such stuff….) You can get it for free or choose to pay for it if you like… And if you like soundcloud more, you can also find it here.

Tracklist for Bram Cools – sketches for a liturgy:

13. Amen
So you can all download the album in the format you like for free or for the price you like …. If you want to use them and need chords or lyrics or so, please contact me…
Anyone who likes any of the songs?

Music is life, sacred and beyond all that can be bought and sold!

My grandfather Wies Pichal, the late father of my mother who died of cancer some years ago, was a much more inspiring man than I realized when he was still alive. One could say he was a man like they don’t make ’em any more, a good catholic man with old-fashioned values that we could probably learn a lot from now that Belgium is a post-catholic country of which the roots have been dissolved. And at the other hand just himself, a man who knew what he stood for, and a very good grandfather for me when I was a kid. He came from a time when people could be honest working people, and he embodied the best of the old-fashioned Flemish catholic folks, in a way that probably cannot exist any more… But I miss it, and I miss him…

One of the things that I learned from him was his approach of music. He was a very musical person, something I probably have inherited from him, but he lived it in an universal way that does not exist any more in late modernity and postmodernity. He was a man of natural music, music sung and played by everyone, and for everyone. He liked simple tunes that could be hummed and played with a few chords on the piano. He also liked music as something to do together, or at least with each other. To sing together (he was part of the parish choir as long as he could) or to play music for someone. Music as interaction between humans. Something very powerful, and might I add, sacred even!

These things are very different now. Music is not something we think about as something played live, since most music we hear is recorded, an a lot of these recordings weren’t even played by musicians on instruments; I’m not saying I am against sample-collage music or electronics, but there is something in unmediated music that is just being played and sung together, even without audience, that is completely lost in most of our contemporary approaches of music. And if you’ve never experienced the ‘organic and together’ version of music, you don’t know what you miss. But I’m happy for church house groups, semi-acoustic band practices and hippie campfires. CD’s, mp3’s and whatever means of playing recorded through boxes or earphones alone are not enough to really experience the dept of what music can be, and even the best live show, good as it is, leaves you incomplete if you don’t have the music inside and know how to let it out, together with others…

Music is big business now, and something that is being sold t us in our capitalist system. Something for professionals only. Singing together is something for churches or maybe sport happenings, but not something most people engage in very often in real life. Music is property of the radio, the record companies and the Cd-stores and i-tunes website. But please let’s not forget that music first and foremost is something inside of us, something of us humans together. Stealing music from humanity and make people pay for it is one of the most devaluating thing that could happen to it. Music should not be a consumer commodity that can be bought, but it should be be part of our lives and beings, and be inside of us, not something we have to buy or get from a machine. That means a disconnect to one of the core parts of our mere humanity. We should as humans be able to sing and play, and be music to each other! Everyone should be singing, regardless how their voice sounds. Music is too sacred to be left to professionals, and too important to give out of our hands!

I was reminded of all of this when I read a blogpost called ‘the song of God’ by Father Stephen, an Orthodox Priest, whom starts with a quote from Gregory of Nyssa, one of the Cappadocian fathers, about man being the song of God:

Man is a musical composition, a wonderfully written hymn to powerful creative activity.
– St. Gregory of Nyssa (PG 44, 441 B)

In Father Stephens words:

In St. Gregory’s thought,  man is not only a singer, but a song. We are not only song, but the song of God. Indeed within one theme of the fathers, all of creation is the song of God, spoken (or sung) into existence. “Let there be light,” is more than the voice of command: it is the uttering of a phrase that sets the universe as fugue. God sings. All of creation sings. The song of praise that arises from creation is offered to God, the Author of all things. It is also the sound of the creation itself, a revelation of the truth of its being. Music is not entertainment: rightly sung, it is the very heart of creation.

You should read the rest at Father Stephen’s blog (it’s not long), but I will give you the last paragraph to wrestle with.

I would never predict a disappearance of music – for human beings are a song and the song will not disappear. But to live in a manner that is alienated from ourselves as the song of God is to live with an existential emptiness. If man is a singer, then he must sing – and he must sing to God.

What do you people think? And what does it mean for our musical ‘worship’ in church? And for the rest of our lives?

Let us be the songs, together and when we’re alone.

Never let the music die, or be property of anyone, it sould flow from our hearts to the world!



New Bram Cools Album ‘cyberluddism’

For those 3 people on this little blue planet who like my music:

The new Bram Cools album ‘Cyberluddism’ will be released very soon. It will be an electronic-only release on bandcamp. The album art and tracklist are already up, and the songs will be added one by one in the near future…

It will be slightly different from the music I’ve made in the past. It’s still homerecorded indie/lo-fi that’ll never make much money, but I’m exploring different styles here, from chiptune-punk to abstract electronice, and from triphop to folktronica; There’s not much folk or rock to be heard this time, and neither is the album overtly religious (except for probably the song ‘NT Wright is a sound theologian) The overall theme is a pretty dark observation of our technological society and consumer capitalism.

(songs with hyperlinks are already streaming)

1. cyberluddism I
2. nettle fields
3. drummers and drumcomputers (electro mix)
4. consumer’s delight
5. NT Wright is a sound theologian
6. Albatross (dance mix)
7. Ellulian glasses
8. turn it of
9. cyberluddism II
10.disposable girl
11.Very cool video games
12.unfair competition (electronica mix)
13.cyberluddism III
14.we are the deathstar
15.In dust reel



no comment…


I don’t know how I came on this video… it must be part of a certain Christian subculture…

yeah she’s cute, and I’d give her a hug if I could…And it makes me less sad than Lady gaga videos…

but for some reason it always reminds me of this:

I still wonder if there are more people for whom ‘true love waits’ is a radiohead song, and not something aboout having no sex….